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Nadine Arton is a global luxury lifestyle brand that encompasses resort wear, destination wear and demi couture. German born designer, Nadine Arton draws inspiration from her travels and immersion in other cultures which has a great influence on her styles.  She finds treasures in native colours, landscapes, textiles and textures, all contributing to the uniqueness of her line. Nadine uses fashion as a medium for self expression and a celebration of feminine form.


The first collection of her resort line, which was previously called GlamOnYou, was launched in 2008. A savvy brand which is equally wearable by all ages and traditions. Nadine Arton Resort has collections that are characterized by beautifully flowing fabrics, colorful prints and exquisite draping.  The designs are simple and elegant, complemented by sophisticated and bespoke handmade embroidery, using only the finest fabrics and materials available. The look is effortlessly glamorous which can go from the beach to the city. Known for key silhouettes which include wonderfully elegant kaftans, breezy dresses in weightless silk and sumptuous fabrics that accentuate a woman's frame, NA Resort channels a woman's wanderlust season after season.


After the success of the luxurious resort line GlamOnYou, the German designer launched in 2015 her first casual couture Nadine Arton. The label produces a wide range of dresses, tops, skirts and jumpsuits, all made from high quality fabrics. Pieces are designed, cut and tailored in her own atelier with the help of her team, as Nadine likes to keep her business specified and personal. NA is also known for its ‘Limited Edition’ collection that includes dresses that are produced in small numbers and exclusive one-time garments for fashion-conscious customers.


Conveying a timeless sense of elegance and sophistication, Nadine Arton adds a luxurious touch to every aspect of day and night dressing.


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